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A Christmas dinner to remember during WW II

Originally posted on War Tales:
“We were in the 3rd Army’s drive into Luxembourg as part of Gen. George S. Patton’s troops in Europe during World War II,” Sgt. Otto…

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New York Comic Con 2015 -A Crazy, Fun Four Days!

The best way to describe this yearly 4-day event, is to quote what I wrote in a published review for NYCC 2013, “What do you get when you gather together a plethora of comic books, cosplay, computer games, cartoons, pop culture TV shows and movies, all under one humongous roof in NYC? One of the largest weekend events in the country called New York Comic Con, of course!”

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Veterans Day

To all the veterans, thank you truly for your service. And to those that took the time to tell me their story, it was a great honor listening and writing … Continue reading

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New York COMIC CON 2015 – T-minus 1 day

It’s October 7, and there’s a stir in the air on 11th Ave between 34th and 38th Streets. Exhibitors and volunteers are working furiously to prepare for a yearly pop culture event called NY Comic Con…It was grueling, but man-o-man, it was worth it!

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New York COMIC CON 2015 as experienced by Aki Solomos

Comic Con is actually a celebration of all things pop culture….which includes fiction and nonfiction, fantasy and science fiction, comic books and graphic novels, new and old movies, TV and theater, anime and anything else popular locally and worldwide.

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NY COMIC CON 2013 written by Aki Solomos, Oct. 21, 2013

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comicscrux.com’s ‘one man’s humungous con experience’ -2013 NY Comic Con What do you get when you gather together a plethora of comic books, cosplay, computer…

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Home Interview With WWII Veteran Army Air Corps 1st Lt. Martin Weinstein -part IV, 91 Years Young.

I jump out and I’m very happy to meet somebody in the Azores. An Army Lieutenant hands me a piece of paper and takes off. It says, “This island has Bubonic Plague. Do not touch any dead animals that you see, and report any dead animals that you see to the health officer.”

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