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BOOK REVIEW: The Branches of Time -part 1, by Luca Rossi



The Branches Of Time (book cover -courtesy of Luca Rossi)


Imagine if you will, an outdoor winter wedding.  A quiet, peaceful scene with pure white snow and a touch of playfulness from one of the flirtatious guests.  No sooner do you settle in to that tranquility, it’s disrupted by a bloodbath massacre caused by an unknown supernatural source.

On a lonely island, three sole survivors band together to keep the source of the black magic that slaughtered everyone they knew at bay.  Meanwhile, in a faraway kingdom, the inhabitants struggle under the wrath of a tyrannical, insatiable King whose mission is to lift the island’s magic that’s kept them imprisoned within the boundaries of their land.  It’s magic versus magic in a game of survival that’s gone on for generations.

From its first page, Luca Rossi skillfully pulls the reader into another world -a world of vengeance, love, betrayal, and mysticism that spans two thousand years.  The Branches of Time is a great read to lose yourself in.  Luca’s imagination is surprisingly refreshing -quite different and unique.

I enjoyed part 1 of this two-book story, and can’t wait to find out what happens next!


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