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NY COMIC CON 2013 written by Aki Solomos, Oct. 21, 2013

This year I’ll be participating at New York ComicCon (NYCC2015). It’s been 2 days in and 2 more days to go, and it’s been a blast.
Once the dust settles, I’ll be writing about my experience this weekend, so stay tuned folks!
In the meantime, enjoy my previous write-up about NYCC from 2013…

Aki Solomos

NYCC entrance

comicscrux.com’s ‘one man’s humungous con experience’ -2013 NY Comic Con

What do you get when you gather together a plethora of comic books, cosplay, computer games, cartoons, pop culture TV shows and movies, all under one humungous roof in NYC?  One of the largest weekend events in the country called NY Comic Con, of course!  On it’s own website, it boasts as being “the biggest and most exciting pop culture convention on the East Coast.”  Days before the event, it was projecting to be the largest Comic Con yet.  As the countdown for the doors to open wound down, tickets to all 4 days sold out.

            To put this into perspective, the first NYCC in 2007 had 15,000 people attend this inaugural yearly event.  Fast forward 5 years, 2012 had over 110,000 attendees.  As the final numbers came in on Monday Oct. 13, it reportedly had over 130,000 -this is…

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