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NEWS FLASH – March 30-31, 1940 – The Roving Reporter, Aki Solomos, Covering The News 75 Years Ago Today

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In honor of WWII and the courageous vets of the time, this is my reporting and take of the news, 75 years ago today

March 31, 1940

As trouble continues on land and sea throughout the world, your Roving Reporter brings you the news as it happens to give you folks at home the stories of the day…

‘Troubled Allies’

In England yesterday, the government acknowledged Russia’s declaration of being neutral during the war in Europe.  And in response to France’s rejection yesterday to mine the Rhine River, the British government abandoned their plans of mining the Norwegian waters that would help prevent the Germans from obtaining ore.

One of many sea mines that were laid in the oceans during WWII.

One of many sea mines that were laid in the oceans during WWII.

Despite this, plans are being made in the event of a Norwegian-invasion by Germany during a meeting with the British Chief of Staffs, “The moment the Germans set foot on Norwegian soils or there is clear evidence that they intend to do so, our objective should be to dispatch a force to Narvik to secure the port and, subsequently, the railway inland as far as the Norwegian-Swedish frontier… and to dispatch forces to occupy Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim, in order to deny their use to the Germans as naval and/or air bases.”

‘Axis Alliance Grows’

Wang Jingwei in 1940 -image from http://ww2db.com

Wang Jingwei in 1940
-image from http://ww2db.com

Yesterday in China, while Japanese troops evacuated from Wuyuan in Southeast China, Japan installed a Chinese puppet government in the former Chinese capital of Nanjing which sits just west of Shanghai.  Without an election, Wang Jingwei is the new appointed leader of the Japanese-controlled National Government, and is to become allies with Japan, Italy, and Germany.

That’s it for now. Your Roving Reporter, Aki Solomos, signing off.


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