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NEWS FLASH – March 20-21, 1940 – The Roving Reporter, Aki Solomos, Covering The News 75 Years Ago Today

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In honor of WWII and the courageous vets of the time, this is my reporting and take of the news, 75 years ago today

March 21, 1940

As trouble continues on land and sea throughout the world, your Roving Reporter brings you the news as it happens to give you folks at home the stories of the day…

‘Dangers Continue To Lurk At Sea’

Yesterday in the North Sea, Germany’s U-19 continues its attacks as 2 more merchant ships fall victim to its torpedoes.  Danish steamers Viking, with 15 out of 17 crew members killed, and Bothal with 15 of its 20 crew members killed.  And today, Germany’s U-38 also struck twice sinking Danish merchants Algier, killing 5 of its 23 crew, and Christiansborg, killing 1 of its 25 crew members.  In what seems out of retaliation, the first German merchant ship, the Heddernheim, was sunk today by British submarine Ursula off the Danish coast.  Who knew being Merchant Seaman on an unarmed vessel would be so dangerous.

HMS Fortune -Image from www.desertwar.net

HMS Fortune
-Image from http://www.desertwar.net

Meanwhile, off the coast of Norway, British destroyer HMS Fortune caught up and destroyed Germany’s U-44.  And another victory shone through when British bombers sank German minesweeper Sperrbrecher off the Dutch coast.  In New Zealand, Britain’s cruiser HMS Achilles finally returns to port after their victory in the battle of the River Plate back in December.  Good work boys -let’s get those German boats and make the waters safe again.

‘China Gains Ground’

Chinese troops broke through Japanese defenses in the Suiyuan Province of China as China takes back control of the area.  The battle and control of the area has been ongoing since Jan 28 when Japan’s 26th Division attacked and finally capturing it on February 3.

‘France Elects New Prime Minister’

Prime Minister Paul Reynaud. -Image from http://ww2news.com

Prime Minister Paul Reynaud.
-Image from http://ww2news.com

Expecting a more aggressive approach towards Germany, the French Chamber of Deputies appointed Paul Reynaud as the new Prime Minister of France.  And although Reynaud held the now-former Prime Minister Daladier responsible for failing to support Finland, it was insisted that Daladier becomes Reynaud’s Minister of National Defense and War.

In New York, RMS Queen Mary began its voyage to Sidney, Australia to be refitted as a troop ship.

From left to right: Normandie, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in New York in 1940.

From left to right: Normandie, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in New York in 1940.

That’s it for now. Your Roving Reporter, Aki Solomos, signing off.


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