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NEWS FLASH – March 13, 1940 – The Roving Reporter, Aki Solomos, Covering The News 75 Years Ago Today

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In honor of WWII and the courageous vets of the time, this is my reporting and take of the news, 75 years ago today

March 13, 1940

As trouble continues on land and sea throughout the world, your Roving Reporter brings you the news as it happens to give you folks at home the stories of the day…

‘The Winter War Ends’

Having no other choice, at 2:00 this morning Moscow-time, the Finnish-Russo peace treaty was signed. A ceasefire took place at 11am, and at noon Finland’s Foreign Minister Vaino Tanner spoke on the radio explaining the terms. He continued with his speech by giving praise to the Finnish military, and angry criticism toward their neighbors Sweden and Norway who left them to stand alone with their struggle against an invading force as well as prevented the help from other nations to come to its aid. Despite this and its outcome, Tanner proclaimed, “Our right to self-determination has been preserved intact.”

Carl Mannerheim in Karelia. Image from http://www.ww2incolor.com

Carl Mannerheim in Karelia.
Image from http://www.ww2incolor.com

Following up with this, Field Marshal Carl Mannerheim gave his final orders to the Finnish Army, “A severe peace has been concluded which cedes to Russia nearly all the battlefields we have drenched in blood.” He continued with further words of praise to his troops, “The deeds you have accomplished will shine for centuries in the pages of our history.”

‘German Uboat Sinks, While U.S. Navy Improves’

Germany’s U-44 sank in the North Sea after hitting a mine, killing all 47 of its crew. U-44 was a scourge in the sea having sunk 8 merchant ships through its career.

In the Caribbean, the U.S. Navy concluded fleet exercises in Puerto Rico and developed successful techniques for rubber boat landings with ship-to-shore improvements.

In other news, Canada creates an Invention Board to allow weapon suggestions from civilians.

That’s it for now. Your Roving Reporter, Aki Solomos, signing off.


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