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NEWS FLASH – Feb. 18-19, 1940 – The Roving Reporter, Aki Solomos, Covering The News 75 Years Ago Today

Eternalcon 04 preview (2)In honor of WWII and the courageous vets of that time period, this is my reporting and take of the news, 75 years ago today…

February 18-19, 1940
As Russia heats things up in the brutal Winter War; Germany stirs the turbulent waters in the Battle of the Atlantic; and Japan greedily eyes the rest of Asia with their expansionism, your Roving Reporter brings you the news as it happens to give you folks at home the stories of the day…

Chinese cadets, 1940 -image from www.bloomberg.com

Chinese cadets, 1940
-image from http://www.bloomberg.com

In the last couple of months, China has been mounting failed counteroffensives against invading Japan. During this month alone, Japan attacked and captured several areas across the Suiyuan Province, north-central portion of the country. There was a different outcome in Nanning yesterday, the southern part of China near the border of Vietnam. In a relentless attack, China managed to drive out the Japanese, freeing up the area from enemy forces.

Meanwhile, the Battle of the Atlantic turned for the worst yesterday. While escorting a convoy from Norway, British destroyer HMS Daring was sunk by Germany’s submarine U-23 off the cast of Scotland. 157 were killed during the attack. And unrelenting with their unprovoked attacks, German Uboats sunk 7 merchant ships from 7 different neutral countries, killing 73 seamen.

HMS Daring in Malta Harbor, 1934 -image from www.worldnavalships.com

HMS Daring in Malta Harbor, 1934
-image from http://www.worldnavalships.com

Reindeer patrol during the Winter War Feb. 1940

Reindeer patrol during the Winter War Feb. 1940

In Finland, things are not going well as Russian troops overwhelmed 2 areas of the Finnish V-line yesterday. But in a positive turn of events, Finnish troops wiped out Russian pockets near Lake Ladoga, taking 250 prisoners and much needed supplies from the enemy. And during a bold failed attack across the frozen Lake Suvanto, Russian forces were turned back after losing 1,000 soldiers from concentrated Finnish artillery fire.

In a surprising and shocking report, one of my sources informed me that Belgium revealed German plans to invade their country! As seen with their push east when they invaded Poland last year, this may be a precursor for a push west.

That’s it for now. Your Roving Reporter, Aki Solomos, signing off.


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