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TWO WEEKS IN TUSCANY – day 12: Arrivederci!

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Oct. 15, 2010

Upon waking up and going downstairs to fix myself an espresso and get myself ready for my journey back home, I thought I was the first one up. But there was Domenico in the kitchen, offering me a cup. We then started talking about our lives -about what he used to do for a living, and what I do for work, then went on talking about how I liked Italy and what was my favorite. I mention this, and what shocked everyone as they came downstairs and saw us, because Domenico doesn’t know a word of English, and I didn’t know a word of Italian, well, at least before these past 2 weeks. Yet, there we were in full conversation.

Andrea took it upon himself to take me the airport. That guy is something else, never-ending in doing favors. Well, either that or the family was trying to get rid of me before they run out of food and wine. My wife and her parents came along to see me off (although I only had 2 weeks, she was able to stay for an extra week with her family).

I did some last minute shopping at the airport, since I was still hunting for the ever elusive souvenir for my brother. To my relief, I found something. A bottle of amaretto in the shape of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The bottle actually leans to one side -perfect!


Before heading through security, I couldn’t resist having one final espresso at the airport cafe aptly called ‘New York Cafe’ -I couldn’t believe the coincidence, but then wondered to myself, how many other New Yorkers felt the same upon coming through here. I chuckled at the thought.


When I finally took my window seat in the plane, I reminisced over the last couple of weeks. I thought about the food, the wine, the espresso, the rolling hills, the medieval and renaissance buildings, statues, and all their structures, and of course the people. It was uncanny having mixed feelings between wanting to get back home and wanting to stay much, much longer.

As the plane took off, watching the Leaning Tower and the countryside go by, I made a promise to myself to try my best to return.

Addio Toscana.



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