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TWO WEEKS IN TUSCANY – day 11: The Last Supper


Oct. 14, 2010

We took the day off as tourists to spend some time packing, organizing pictures, and take some rest from the whirlwind 2 weeks we had. I truly wished I could’ve extended my stay for another week. So much to see and experience, but duty calls back home.

Andrea came over at about 5:30 to take us to his place for a farewell and final dinner in Italy. There were about 12 of us and the food was incredible. His wife, Suzi, made seafood salad (with squid, shrimp, and scallops), lots of mussels, bruschetta with salmon-topping, pasta, wine, dessert, and espresso.

It’s surprising to me that each family would take turns during the last few days to make us a farewell dinner in their home -Isolina and Antonio, Fulvio and Cristina, and now Andrea and Suzi. Like a contest trying to win our hearts, and stomach, I dare not judge which meal and gathering was the best since they all made equally incredible meals! If anything happened to me at this point, the last thing in my mind would be happy thoughts of Italian food, wine, and people.



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