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TWO WEEKS IN TUSCANY – day 8: Pinocchio


Oct. 11, 2010

Pia drove us to the town of Collodi (below the hills and south of their village). Many may not recognize the name, but it’s the pen name of the famous author Carlo Lorenzini, better known as Carlo Collodi, originator and author of Pinocchio. As a kid, I enjoyed the different versions of the story.


Our first stop was the town’s famous Giardino Garzoni. Amazingly, the garden has been around since the 700’s! It wasn’t until the 1500’s when they started working on it for 200 years, making it to what it is today. It contains a picturesque fountain and pond area; incredible sculptures; manicured plants, bushes, and trees; a butterfly house; and several animals that freely wander around (a few swans, peacocks, grouse, ducks, and a cat that followed us around as our tour guide).



After the scenic garden, off we went to Pinocchio Park -created in honor of the story’s creator. As you go through the park, from the entrance to the end, you become immersed in the story itself. Section after section, like turning the pages of a book, you’re surrounded by the same characters Pinocchio encountered.

The adventure was lots of fun! For anyone traveling to Tuscany, both the Garden and Pinocchio Park are definitely worth the visit.



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