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TWO WEEKS IN TUSCANY – day 7: The Mountain Air

P1030868Oct. 10, 2010

I woke up with my head stuck in a vacuum. Well, maybe it wasn’t but it sure felt that way. I should’ve stopped at the 2nd or 3rd grappa, especially with all that wine they kept offering.

Today is 10/10/10! My wife wanted me to ask my brother, who’s cat-sitting for us back home, what does 101010 mean in binary code. Apparently, it equates to the number 42. If I recall, it was in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “42” was the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. But no one knew what the question was. A good book.

Sigh… Light breakfast again -maybe I should try to open an IHOP, a NY Diner, or something. While going through the tons of pictures from yesterday on my laptop, Pia and my in-law started preparing Sunday lunch for us all. Andrea, Suzi, and their daughter Denise came to join us. I can really get used to these big homemade meals and fun gatherings!

After lunch, Andrea drove their daughter back home (something she had to do), and while we waited for him to come back, I commented to my wife about the belt Suzi was wearing. It was Boy Scout style but with different countries written in Italian along with their flags. Pretty cool looking, I thought. When Suzi noticed us admiring it, she actually took it off and gave it to us! I insisted she didn’t have to, but she pushed it on us saying don’t worry, her pants will stay up. I wonder if the same would’ve happen if I commented about her shirt! ‘oh don’t worry, my bra will stay up’. My wife still has the belt, and occasionally wears it.


When Andrea came back, the group of us drove to Pizzorne. I never heard of it, but it’s a famous mountain resort area with picnic fields, hiking trails, mushroom & chestnut pickings, etc… It reminded me of Bear Mountain in upstate NY. The climate was colder than we anticipated, and I wish I wore something warmer, but the beautiful views made up for it – the valley, the horizon, even the famed walled city of Lucca!

After walking around and enjoying nature, we stopped at a local restaurant for a snack and a hot drink to warm up. We found it funny that inside was a small fenced area with stuffed animals -a wild boar, deer, pheasants, etc…


We finally drove back to Pia’s and had a light, simple dinner this time -soup, cold-cuts, cheese, bread, and espresso. Surprisingly, I went to bed early at about 9:30. I just felt tired and it was a cold night. Maybe it was the mountain air that did me in.



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