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-Graphic Novel Review- Resident Alien Volume 1: Welcome To Earth!


What do you get when you put Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse in a room together? Quite simple…a splendid unique tale with terrific art work -the most recent one being Resident Alien Volume 1: Welcome To Earth!

As Tatiana Christian (Comics Crux writer) once mentioned, “Sometimes reading a new comic series can be like stepping into a bright room, and being forced to adjust. It takes awhile, as you blink away the sudden pain, to get used to everything.”

That is so true in a lot of cases, but fortunately, not so with this series. If you like sci-fi stories, Resident Alien: Welcome to Earth! can instantly be found at the top of your “LIKE” list.

Aliens from another planet stuck on Earth is nothing new. What sets this story apart from the rest is that this alien, Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle (with no apparent superpowers except for an acute sense of observation), is friendly and helpful while trying to survive and blend in with us Earthlings. And as far as Earthlings go, if he is found out to be from another world, well, you know where that can lead to.

I found the artwork to have a good mix of colors and shadowing effects. That, combined with the scenery and facial expressions of each character, which blend with the story concept very well, makes this comic series something to look forward to issue after issue.

The storyline, while not entirely brand-spanking new -think StarmanE.T., Superman, just to name a few about a friendly alien stuck on earth, it is a bit different than anything out there. Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle looks like a typical space alien, but is able to mingle among us, be helpful, and is happy to keep himself occupied while stuck on this planet.

In this first series, our friendly alien finds himself helping the local authorities solve a murder mystery, while becoming acquainted with the only person that realizes he’s not human. In the meantime, the Government, being very well aware that something is here, is hunting for him. This may well become a new version of Murder She Wrote meets E.T.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this new comic leads to in volume 2. Meanwhile, you can look at the preview below, courtesy of Dark Horse.

Comics Crux- Resident Alien Page 1 Comics Crux- Resident Alien Page 2 Comics Crux- Resident Alien Page 3 Comics Crux- Resident Alien Page 4http://comicscrux.com/featured-review-resident-alien-volume-1-welcome-to-earth/


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