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My Interview with Billy Tucci, Creator Of Shi


I had the pleasure to speak to Billy Tucci as he was signing and greeting fans from behind his table in the ‘Artist Alley’ section of the first annual Eternal Con. For those who may not recognize his name, he has worked for DC and Marvel Comics and he started Crusade Comics out of his small apartment in Queens. Shi, Crusade’s primary comic, sold over 4 million issues since its debut in the 90′s.

As a partner in Apostle Arts, he created A Child is Born for Christmas of 2011 -a graphic novella about the birth of Jesus Christ. He was keen on emphasizing to me that that was dear to his heart, as he pointed them out on his table. He proudly told me that next year will be his 20th anniversary being in the industry – his first debut was in March 1994. “I started out in the industry straight out of college working for the majors. But soon after, I had to start my own book because I didn’t fit in.” He laughingly continued, “It pays not to fit in.”

P1080919 (2)

With his interest having expanded to film, he wrote, produced, and directed a short comedy called Some Trouble of a SeRRious Nature, which was shown at the expo’s Imax theater. Upon premiering at the Long Island International Film Expo in 2002, it had won the Best Short Film award.

When I asked him if he has anything he would like to say to our Comics Crux readers and enthusiasts, he said, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me over the years. I am looking to come back with more comics and projects.”

His biggest advice he exclusively told me, for anyone wanting to get into the industry was, “Do a web comic. The biggest expense is printing if you do otherwise. Web comics are easy to get into and get a following with minimal expense.”

As we said our goodbyes, he found out I was partly Greek so he threw some Greek words at me, showing how he still remembers having grown up in Queens.

Efharisto para poli, Mr. Tucci! (thank you very much)



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