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My Interview with Frank Patz, Creator Of Eternal Con

comics-crux-eternal-con-logo-470x353Frank welcomed me to his first annual Expo with open arms. An accommodating and social person, he greeted with appreciation as many people as he could ranging from children, adults, costume-wearing attendees, to special guests, while managing the event near the front entrance. When I asked him if we can conduct an exclusive interview, he was more than happy to oblige. We set the time for later that day since he was very busy at the moment trying to make sure everything went smoothly for everyone.

As we we began the interview in the afternoon, one of his managers approached him exclaiming, “we just broke 2000!” I asked him how many was he expecting. Humbly, he answered, “between 800 to 1000. We only had three months to prepare and get the word out.” Later on, when I spoke briefly to one of Frank’s event managers, he told me, “Frank really went all out trying to get the word out to every comic book vender, game store, and dealers that he knew, not to mention the advertising such as the website, the banners, etc…”


Frank had his beginnings growing up in Queens, NY, and went to NYU studying film. Although looking at him, with his warm and social personality, you wouldn’t believe that he actually wrestled in Mexico from 1994 to 2004. His Lucha Libre name was ‘First Class’. Now he’s enjoying his time at home in Bayshore, NY with his huge collection of toys and games, sharing his interest and love for them through the website started in 2004 (http://eternalcollector.com/), as well as Expos and Cons he attends throughout the world.


When I asked him when did he first begin his interest and love for toys and games, he said, “Throughout my whole life while growing up. Since as long as I can remember, since I was a kid.” My next question was obvious, “What made you create Eternal Con?” He went on to tell me that although Long Island has had some expos here and there, it was still missing something. There never was a real convention such as a Comic Con or the like, and it was long overdue. “I always wanted Long Island to have this type of convention. It needed something.”

I explained to him that Comics Crux is a “go to” website for people who love comics, as well as those who would like get into the industry. “Do you have any words of wisdom for them?” His answer was nothing short of inspiration, “Don’t ever, ever stop what you want to do! Keep at it and don’t ever settle!”

As we parted ways and said our goodbyes, he assured me that this expo is the start of something great. As this is the very first annual Eternal Con, and a successful one at that, expect to see it again and again in the following years.

Good luck to you Frank. From all of us, we wish you nothing but success.



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