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As I was reviewing Graig Weich’s ‘Be a Superhero’ artwork presentation, another person was viewing and socializing at the event.  Sandy Foley, aka Cameo Girl, and I happen to be admiring the same piece hanging on the wall, and I had to ask, “What brings you to a comic book art presentation?”

After our conversation, it makes sense why she’s there.  While growing up, she and her siblings were introduced to comics such as Spawn.  Her very first interest was Suicide Girls.  That, combined with her fascination of the tattoo culture, made her fall in love with the art & story combination, and the way it’s portrayed.  “I’ve been to a few Comic Cons” she proudly exclaimed to me.  “It’s fascinating!  The people, the friendliness, the culture, and how everyone’s common interest is brought together!”

This interest is what led her to work with costumes.  She is currently a Fashion Artist and Designer with Flair Designs LLC (www.flairdesignsnj.com), a production company specializing in masks, corsets, headpieces, and costumes.  With the summer having heated up, this season kept her very busy hosting interviews with models, stars, and music artists, as well as having many of her designs walking down the catwalks of several fashion shows.  Her current drive and goal is to “bring you the world of fashion, music, and art”.  You can see her video-blogs, photos, and fashion on http://www.cameogirltv.com.

Before becoming Cameo Girl, she used to be an Interior Decorator.  Due to the bad economy, she had to make a change, and this is what led her to mask-making and headpieces.  This bad fortune forcing her to make the drastic change brought her success -her recent work is being used by fashion expert, Shekhar Rahate -one of the Hollywood’s premier designers for the Oscar’s red carpet events (www.shekharrahate.com).

Despite rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s Who’s Who, she still hasn’t forgotten her first interest -comic books.  Sandy admittedly tells me, “Selling corsets isn’t enough for me.  I want to learn how to get into the comic book industry.  To know the details, the art work, the story line, etc…”  With that, we both turned back admiring the art piece hanging on the wall portraying it’s own story line.

Before our departure, I pass her some contact information as well as hints that comiccrux’s website does give tips to help those interested in getting into the comic book industry.  Good luck to you Sandy -hope to see your work on the pages, and perhaps hanging on wall some day


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