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As soon as the movie The Last Dragon hit the screens in 1985, it became a huge hit in New York.  After all, it took place in New York, and it came at a time when Kung Fu was prevalent on TV -nearly every Saturday the streets would be empty of kids because everyone would be glued to the television watching a Kung Fu movie.  I was no exception.

Imagine my elation when I saw Taimak sitting behind his table at Eternal Con signing autographs and talking to fans of all ages.  The Last Dragon was his first debut on the silver screen as Leroy Green.  Since then, he’s had appearances in other movies and TV shows such as Third Watch, Beverly Hills 90210, WMAC Masters, The White Girl, Book of Swords, and so on.  He was also the Martial Arts Coordinator for Madonna’s Drowned World Tour in 2001.

Despite his love to perform, he made it clear to me that his heart is in Martial Arts.  Before his debut hit on the silver screen, he was already a well known and established Kick Boxer having won the NY Championship in 1984, and had acted in some school plays.  The movie The Last Dragon allowed him to put his 2 interests together.  At 49 years old now, he still practices and is currently staging a come-back into Martial Arts competition in Brazilian Jujitsu.

I asked him how did he get the lead part in The Last Dragon?  “It was a long process.”  He professed to me.  “I actually wasn’t the first choice.  I only got it when I tried again.”  Although he was already an established martial artist and has done some acting, the producers already hired another lead.  Fortunately for him, that first choice was fired, and on Taimak’s second try, he got the part.

Despite his long history in martial arts as well as TV and movies, his most memorable moments in his life were:  choreographing Modanna’s World tour in 2001; a comedy play where he performed as Patrick Swayze in Road House where the fans voiced the lines and the actors just lipped the words (he still laughs about it thinking about that moment); and his teaching fitness and martial arts.  To find out more information about him, you can visit his personal website at http://www.iamtaimak.com

From your martial arts and movie fans, good luck Taimak.  We’ll be cheering for you!



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