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Traveler, writer, reviewer, all-round observer. I like anything cool & fast, but occasionally sit at a cafe watching the world go by.

“Toys Toys Toys” by Aki Solomos October 25, 2013 -my post as guest Blogger on http://furry-feline.com/blog/


Thank you Furry Feline for inviting me to be one of your first guest bloggers on your brand new site!

            Allow me to introduce myself to your readers and followers…

            In the beginning, there was darkness.  And the Lord said, “Let there be light.”  Then I was born…well, I’ll wont get into the details as to what happened next, but here I am: Creative writer, Journalist, and Book Reviewer.  You can find most of my work on http://comicscrux.com (having written up several interviews, covered a few events including this year’s NY Comic Con, and reviewed a few books and comics), as well as on http://www.cameogirltv.com (reviewing one of the shows and interviewing a fashion designer from last month’s NY Fashion Week), yet what I would like to blog about here is about toys.  After all, it’s only fitting.

            Let me start by saying, it doesn’t matter how old you are.  From a baby’s first Teddy bear, to the last words of an elderly calling out for Rosebud (in case you may not know this reference, look up the old classic movie Citizen Kane), toys are for everyone, for every age, and come in all shapes and sizes.  Throughout the history of mankind, toys have been a part of us.  Believe it or not, archeologists are finding toys in ancient Egyptian burial sites.

            As far as myself, the very first toy I can remember was a fighter jet.  I must have been 2, and I think it lasted me only a few weeks, well at least until my parents got annoyed with the noise it made, but I do remember it.  And the one I truly loved during those young years was my stuffed Snoopy.  I think I was 4 or 5, but man I loved that thing!

            Throughout the years of my entire life I had toys.  I’m a full fledged adult now -at the age when bouncers apologizes before asking for my ID only because it’s required by law to ask everyone, and guess what?  I still have toys.  In my previous office just last year, right on my desk and around my monitor, I had a 3″ plastic Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, a small wind-up robot, a miniature canoe, a small semi-truck, a fat-mariachi, a stress ball, a tiny rubber alien, and a die cast jet plane.  Just to name a few at home: more planes, wind up cars and trucks, a miniature space shuttle and astronaut.  In my car, a stuffed tigger and a stuffed yellow duck (believe it or not, when I have anyone in the back seat, they enjoy playing with them).  And each one has a story and reason why I have them.


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