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INTEL DEBUTS i7 AT THE NY COMIC CON 2013 written by Aki Solomos, Oct. 24, 2013

NY Comic Con is a place for cosplay fun, comic books, movies, TV shows, and computer games.  There’s no other perfect place for Intel to debut it’s new product by showing off its capability with a gaming competition and a demo showcase area.  George Will, Program Manager for IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) for the Global Eastport Title Sponsorship was more than happy to talk to me before NY Comic Con’s doors even opened.

“This is our second out of a five stop season.”  George began saying.  “Our first stop was Shanghai.”  I was a little surprised at that, and asked if they’ve even been to San Diego’s Comic Con or a tech-expo in any other U.S. city.  “They didn’t have the space we needed.”  He went on to explain their presence at this Comic Con, “What we do is, we bring out the best Eastport players from around the world and have them compete in StarCraft 2, and League of Legends, and we also have this consumer showcase where we present our latest technology for hardcore gaming from desktops and our gaming notebooks, to our non-enthusiast products such as Ultrabook 2-in-1, as well as our tablets, and all-in-one.

“We also brought in our equal system partners.  We have our software vendors so we have the latest games.  We work with them very closely in optimizing their software to run best on Intel architect.  The main thing is to bring people here to touch this technology and have some great experience from Intel.  Many people may not know its capabilities because they never played on an i7 core before.  They might have an older generation, and with all these games that are coming out, it can’t support it because it’s a little slow or the graphics are not very good, but these here are all set at the highest standards.”Intel area Video game players

I chimed in, “So you’re showing people how you’re ahead of the game, so to speak.”  “Exactly!”  I went on to have him explain what’s new with Intel.  “We are introducing our 2-in-1 Ultrabook, and promoting our 4th Gen -the i7 processor which is our newest generation of processors that we launched in June.  And we’re also showing some new technology from our monitors -the 4k monitor.  What’s out there is usually 1080p, but this is 4000 -we’re that much farther than anyone.  It’s very popular in Japan right now, but you will see more of it in the U.S.  Right now the price point is a little high, whereas a 30″ monitor can run about $4 to $5,000.”  We both chuckled at the sticker-shock.  “When the price comes down, it’ll be more accessible to the main-stream.”

I was curious and asked George the comparison and the gap between Asia and the U.S. in regards to technological interest.  “Well, we are a global company so we offer this technology all around the world.  One of the things that makes it more accessible to the U.S. is the disposable income, so we’re able to sell our high-end processors like our i7.  While in China, the majority can’t afford that, so they’ll go down to the i5 or i3.  That’s why we have our separate categories.  It depends on the market.  For Brazil and China, you’re not selling as much of the high-ends, but we have a processor for everyone.”

Being the first U.S. city of the i7’s debut since it’s launching in June, I wanted to know more about it, what makes it so special.  “It’s all about the hyper-threading and turbo-boost.  What that does, it gives you the power when you need it.  If you’re working in Excel, you don’t need that power.  So it’ll know the frequency, and the power consumption.”  I chimed in, “You mean it gives the user variable speed?”  “Exactly.  It’s intelligent.  If you use high-end games, it’ll go to the highest settings, and of course it’ll take more power to run that.”  I added, “And with the older, slower games, it’ll bring it back down to the lowest settings allowing you to play.”  “It’ll be able to do that.”

“Iris Pro, our Integrated Graphics Solutions, well, it brings it all together.  For professional gaming, you can buy a discrete card for $500 to $1000 -a separate card that runs on the motherboard.  What Intel developed is basically a graphic on a chip.  So that means power and form factors, and you can play multiple different games.  If we don’t produce a next generation, obviously the performance gap gets wider and wider.  I don’t know if we’ll ever replace the discrete card, but we want to close that gap and give the consumer a choice.  You might be an average gamer, but if you’re also on the business side, and there’s these cooler games, now you don’t have to buy that high-end $2000 unit.  We’re trying to bring in that quality system at an affordable price.”  I expressed how great that is.  “Yes!  That is really great!  I’m really excited about it.  I think people in the industry will be very excited about this.”

Since technology constantly progresses, I asked George, “What do you think is the next step for Intel?”  “Well, mobility.  Obviously we don’t want to forget the desktop.  But people want to have mobility such as the smart phones.  We will have our smart phones in the U.S. pretty soon.  That’s the next thing, to have our chip inside.”

His final words with me, “It’s exciting, I love it!  I love coming back to the U.S.  I haven’t been here for 2 years.  I’ve been all around the world, and finally came back.”  I went on to ask George what is his next stop.  “The next stop for us is Singapore.  Then Brazil, and Poland.”  “So basically a world tour.”  “It’s a world tour, exactly.”

Thank you for your time George.  We wish you and your crew safe travels.DSC01163 (2)


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