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NY FASHION WEEK, ADOLFO SANCHEZ SPRING AND SUMMER 2014 COLLECTION, written by Aki Solomos, September 24, 2013

IMG_20130910_180926 (2)


     As I received my invitation from Sandy Foley (aka Cameo Girl), Fashion Artist, Designer, and owner of Flair Designs LLC, I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity.  After all, some of Sandy’s own hand picked models from My Elite Models of NYC will be featured wearing Adolfo Sanchez’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.  If you have never heard of Adolfo Sanchez, well, you should.  Although still relatively new in the fashion world, having started in 2006 by launching his ready-to-wear line, he has been featured in most fashion shows around the world from Paris, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as having been given charge of Queen Grace, an elegant fashion line for plus size women.


     He continues to come out with new ideas and this year’s show is no exception.  “People are really intrigued by what the whole concept behind it is, because there are a lot of molded pieces up there, as I call it.  And people are trying to figure out what I mean by that.”  In an exclusive interview with Cameo Girl TV’s Spokesmodel, Tara-Jean Vitale, he went on to explain what his concept was, “Basically, I wanted to manipulate the fabric.  I love playing with fabric, and turning them into things they’re not.  I took chiffon, I took silk organza, and I dipped them into a mix of solutions, hues, and different chemicals that I played with until I found the right recipe.  I then took a form and molded it onto the form, and let it settle overnight.  It essentially became like a shell.  We then took the shell off the form and hand painted it in different shades of metal, so it looks like armor.”

IMG_20130910_173228 (2)

     The pieces the models wore, were quite elaborate and does grab ones attention.  He went to explain one of them, “One of the pieces specifically is a bustier, but the shoulder is all molded.  It looks like metal, but it’s actually silk organza…it’s a way to show people what I can really do.  I wanted to show something that was powerful.”  Well, they were quite powerful, and the creativity came out like no other in the pieces the twelve models adorned that night.  It didn’t stop there, though.  Something else that was unique, was the show itself.  To emphasize Adolfo’s powerful creativity right from the start of the show, all the models walked in a line through the midst of the crowd wearing Stevie Boi’s shades (Cameo Girl TV had the opportunity to interview him as well that night) and Obi Cymatica shoes, onto a two-tiered stage where they stood gazing into the audience while making different poses like manikins in a store window.


IMG_20130910_180110 (2)

     He went on to say that he will be launching a shoe line in November, and has future plans for accessories and bags.  Being from Los Angeles with Hollywood in his back yard, coming to New York twice a year for an entire month particularly for the fashion shows, having dressed Kesha, Furgie, Skylar Grey, and many different celebrities and artists, it’s no wonder Adolfo Sanchez continues to find the energy, inspiration, and creativity.


     If you would like to hear more of Adolfo’s interview, an exclusive with Stevie Boi, as well as a video and photos of the show itself, go to the blog area of http://www.cameogirltv.com.


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IMG_20130910_173210 (2)


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