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The Roving Reporter with M.A.R.S. Photography


Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero or favorite comic character?  Have you ever dressed up as one for Halloween, Comic Con, Expo, or a costume party?  And of course, making that superhero pose for the camera is a no-brainer.

MARS Photography (Multi-dimensional Art Renditions Studio) wants to enhance that experience for you.  They bring your imagination into that picture while you pose that superhero pose, making that moment last well beyond the day you wore that costume.  When the team started in 2012, debuting at New York’s Comic Con, it was a huge hit from day one.


M.A.R.S. Photography shoot @ 1st Eternal Con Pop Culture Expo
(Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island, NY)

             During last month’s First Annual Eternal Con, I had the opportunity to meet up with the MARS Photography team and see what they had to offer.  In a nutshell, they told me, while taking studio-style pictures of you, they spruce it up with digital graphic-effects, make up, smoke & lighting, reanimated scenes, etc… in one step, making you look like you’re part of the action.  Their motto is ‘you imagine it, we create it’.  They make it sound simple enough, and while they take complicated and painstaking steps to make sure your moment stands out, going through the short photography session seems like a breeze.

            Being already dressed in costume that day, well, sort of (I wore a dress shirt with a skinny tie and a Fedora hat with a tag showing the words “PRESS”, looking like 1950’s era newspaper reporter), I went through the process myself to see what’s it like and, of course, to make the moment last beyond that day:

 It starts with a short interview.  Matt began by asking me a series of questions, such as, “what kind of action scene would you like to be in -a fight scene, flying in space, swimming underwater, in a forest, a city street, etc…?”  I chose a 1950’s night-time city street with the typical cars, street lamp, and so on. “What kind of thing do you want happening in that scene?”  He gave examples such as a superhero fighting a villain, any smoke or fog, a car accident, etc…  After a few minutes, he knew exactly what I wanted.

Making some lighting adjustments, he proceeded to snap away with his camera taking sample pictures to test angles and poses.  During the shoot, he then began directing me, “Take one step forward, and look to the right.  Hold up your notepad like you’re writing something.  Give me a serious face as though as you’re investigating a crime scene.”  After a few minutes, he showed me some of the non-digitized pictures (the “before” pictures), and together we chose which ones looked the best before they started working their magic.

A couple of days later, an email with attached pictures were sent to me.  I was quite impressed, as it left a big smile on my face while I remembered the Expo.  Now I have something to make the event last beyond that day.

             The MARS team, comprising of Matt Chiang (Photographer and Digital Editor), Aralyn Scarlett (Digital Designer/Editor, and Special Effect), Roxas Beoulve (Digital Designer and Graphic Designer, Editor, and Web Designer), Kayla Victoria Diamond (Make-up, and Special Effects Artist), William Peng (Assistant Photographer, Web Editor, and Public Relations), and Katherine Yeh (MARS Manager, Editor, and Public Relations), have their own website with sample pictures showing before & after scenes at http://www.marsphotography2012.com, as well as a Facebook page at M.A.R.S. Photography.

             Make sure to go look for them at the next Comic Con or Expo -it is well worth it!



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