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“…it was my ultimate goal from the beginning to fly aerobatic at the highest level. When you have a dream, you think you can’t reach this dream, and this made the dream real. You have to imagine it to dream it. Every single pilot has to try aerobatics.”

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KINNELON CASTLE – A Fashion Haunts visit

One can imagine the glamour and opulence of the roaring 20’s…Jazz bands played their instruments; women showed off their moves in their fringed dresses and pearls; and men enjoyed their drinks and stogies in their sharp suits and top hats. ‘The Great Gatsby’ days.

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Veterans Day

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To all the veterans, thank you truly for your service. And to those that took the time to tell me their story, it was a…

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RAINBOW FASHION WEEK NY 2016 “Inside The Celebrity Closet” Black & White review -published in Fashion Haunts Magazine

What started as a concept in 2013, Rainbow Fashion Week NY is now a force of nature, punctuating the meaning of “Loud and Proud” as a fashion statement. This year’s Inside The Celebrity Closet hosted by Mob Wives Karen Gravano was a hot ticket event!

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A B-17G Flying Fortress standing guard in front of the hanger of the American Airpower Museum. -Photo by Aki Solomos On September 1st, 1939, Germany…

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BOOK REVIEW: The Branches of Time -part 1, by Luca Rossi

It’s magic versus magic in a game of survival that’s gone on for generations.

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Interview With Brian Haberlin – A 2016 follow up by Aki Solomos -February, 2016

Among the driving forces and influences in the graphic novel and comic world of protagonists and antagonists, Brian Haberlin stands among them. In the past couple of decades, Brian either wrote, penciled, inked, created, or produced several well known characters.

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